Ehrlich Vadim Victorovich
Director of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service

At the end of February 2013 was created "Institute of Sport, Tourism and Services" which incorporates the "Faculty of Physical Education and Sport", "Faculty and Tourism" and "Training and Sports Complex." This three serious enough structure in the South Ural State University.

"Sporting complex" - a separate structure within the University, which has quite a lot of space, allowing to engage not only students, but also ordinary citizens and the city of Chelyabinsk region, where you can hold classes not only in the high sports achievements, but just watching physical activity, and use the gyms, a swimming pool and other areas like sports, as well as providing recreational programs.

ISTiS - that's five freestanding structures. Main building of the institute - training complex. ISTiS - this is a huge base for sports and physical activity, as well as practice for those students who come to us.

Sports town consists of four buildings: the training complex, the palace of sports, educational building number 6, depot number 6a. Their bases are located a sufficient number of sports facilities and classrooms. It's about fifteen gyms, including wrestling gym and weightlifting rooms volleyball, basketball, badminton, boxing, kickboxing, fitness center, which also involved children.

We also have athletic arena with a 200-meter track, and a 50-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool with ten tracks. Swimming pool depth of 1.8 - 2.2 meters. Currently commissioned a large gym area of ​​700 square meters. In addition, we have based the Municipal Junior School Swimming "Unika".

We have another five-story building, located on the street Rozhdestvenskaya 5, which houses the following departments:

- Department of service and technology art materials processing
- Department of Tourism and welfare service
- Department of Economics and Management Service


Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service trains bachelors in the following nine areas:

- 034300 "Physical Culture"
- 040400 "Social Work"
- 050100 "Teacher Education"
- 080100 "Economics"
- 080200 "Management"
- 100100 "Service"
- 100400 "Tourism"
- 101100 "Hotel business"
- 261400 "Technology artistic processing of materials"

Preparation of masters is based on three areas:

- 034300 "Physical Culture"
- 050100 "Teacher Education"
- 100400 "Tourism"

Training program "Tools", "Tourism" and "Hotel business" - three of the nine programs of the South Ural State University, who in 2012 were among the best educational programs of innovative Russia on the results of the "Best Software Innovation of Russia."

On the first day of September 2013 at the institute the "Department of sports technology and system analysis" to ensure implementation of research and methodological training of the teaching staff of higher qualification universal level , with expertise in the theory and methodology of sports training , neuroscience , health technologies , physiology and biomechanics of sport and physical activity , sports pharmacology , nutrition , antropomaksimologii , immunology, the methodology of scientific research in the design of educational activities in the field of physical culture and sports and scientific support for educational systems and the preparation of athletes.

Thus, at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Services created a kind of conglomerate, which includes physical education, elite sport and science in sports, technology, service, economics and management in the sports industry and tourism in all its directions.