034400.62 Adaptive physical culture (Bachelors)

Attention! Recruitment will take place in the 2014-2015 school year

Qualification: bachelor

Profile: Adaptive physical culture (physical culture for persons with disabilities in the state of health)

Duration of training: It is not known.
Еntrance exams: biology, Russian language, general physical preparation

Выпускающая кафедра: Department of adaptive physical education and biomedical training


Field of professional activity bachelors
The area of professional activity bachelors includes: the area of pedagogical anthropology, where it is an active subject of familiarizing people with disabilities in the state of health (including the disabled) of all entities that age and gender groups in the adaptive physical education, self-development, self-improvement and self-actualization, as well as the formation and (or) the correction of their physical, mental, social and spiritual characteristics.

Featured professional activity bachelors
The objects of professional activity bachelors are: physical, mental, social and spiritual characteristics of persons with disabilities in the state of health (including the disabled) of all shapes, ages and gender groups exercising their needs during the playing of various types of adaptive physical education: adaptive physical education, adaptive sports , an adaptive motor recreation, physical rehabilitation, extreme and creative types of physical activity.

Types professional activity:

- Educational,
- Educative,
- Developing,
- Rehabilitation (recovery)
- Compensatory,
- Prevention,
- Research,
- Organizational and management.

These professional activities are implemented with the listed objects that directed the impact bachelors adaptive physical education , the following institutions and organizations:
- Special ( correctional) educational institutions for children , students with disabilities in the state of health;
- Educational institutions of all kinds and types ( with the persons covered by a special medical groups ) ;
- Educational institutions of additional education of children - institutions adaptive physical education and adaptive sports ( youth sports schools adaptive , adaptive youth clubs, physical fitness , affiliates , divisions , subdivisions on adaptive sports in educational institutions ) ;
- Health and fitness and rehabilitation centers, health care facilities , health centers, rest homes , sports and recreation structures, national parks and recreational lands , travel clubs ;
- Federal, regional, state bodies of executive power of physical culture and sports;
- Public organizations for the disabled and people with disabilities ( federations , associations , clubs , etc.).