The campus of the South Ural State University - is the largest and also one of the best in the Russian housing and domestic, cultural and sports complex, which has eight halls of residence. A characteristic feature of the campus - the settlement of the students in the hostel and the establishment of satisfactory living conditions for accommodation, service and maintenance of adequate sanitary condition of the housing stock.

To meet the domestic problems of the students and staff of the University on the campus located: hairdressers, cafes, coffee shops, grocery stores, computer club, and more. Nearby is a park of culture and rest. Gagarin. Located near the campus student health center, a sports complex, a stadium.

For the convenience of students in dormitories organized access to the Internet. Unified information network daily campus serves more than 15,000 students. For studies have full access to all the information resources of the University. The catalog of electronic resources SUSU students can download electronic versions of scientific papers and publications.

The staff of the campus allowed to create their own team of welders, on-call service, repair and construction crews. Today, the campus is an economy that can solve independently a range of specialized maintenance tasks of the housing stock.

Every boy and girl who comes to the University, are confident that the campus will be for them a home and a prestigious education received in the walls of the home university, the pledge of future career.

For more information about checking in the hostel you can get the following contacts:

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin prospect, 78

Hostel number 2 (1st floor)

Phone: (351) 267-97-67