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Head. Department: Aminov Akbert Sibagatullovich

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Head of the department of sports perfection Albert Sibagatullovich Aminov

Free, educated, healthy people - this is the main thing that determines the development of the country and its prospects.
Sport activities are an integral part of the learning process, not only in Russia but also in the world.
It is no secret that in today's sports high achievement based on two components:
Armed forces and Higher Education


Department "sports perfection" (119-09) was opened January 1, 2005 (order number 124 of 27.12.2004), pursuant to the decision of the Academic Council of South Ural State University (protocol number 4 of 27.12.2004).

In conjunction with Sport club is preparing a team of the University in various sports (athletics, orienteering, skiing, kickboxing, boxing, hockey, etc.).