Ltd. " Chelyabinsk Bureau of International Tourism " Sputnik " - tour operator in domestic tourism , international inbound and outbound international tourism.

One of the main directions of the company is to receive Russian and foreign citizens in the Urals. Guided tours of the Urals are designed to acquaint visitors with the most accomplished masters of the Urals , the history and culture of our region , to show the uniqueness and originality of the special nature of the Urals.

The process of formation of the tourist product ( tours, excursions , etc.) matter that requires creativity highly skilled. Therefore, employees of " Sputnik " is constantly improving their skills through specialized tours around the country and abroad , seminars and training courses on business and communicative sessions with a psychologist.

The main advantages of the " Sputnik " - a stable rate of development of the enterprise , the introduction of new technologies, highly skilled professionals , information provision excursions latest achievements in the history , natural history , cultural and psychological sciences.