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Head. Department: Cherepov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

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Cherepov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich
Head of the department of physical education and health. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Docent

In November 1948, SIP (now the South Ural State University) was established by Chair Physical Education. This date may be taken as a reference point in the history of the development of physical culture and sports in our university. In her many glorious pages full of names of high-class athletes, well-known not only in Russia but also abroad.

In the early years, the Department of Physical Education , headed by Sveshnikov Peysahovym , did not even have the room. Therefore, all the classes were held in a forested area and the limited training of ski in the winter and athletics and sports games . When built the Sports Palace with rooms for wrestling, boxing , gymnastics , weightlifting , volleyball and basketball , and ice hockey rink with bleachers , ski lodge , athletics arena , the development of physical culture and sports in particular received a boost recently enhanced the appearance of teaching sports complex.