Tretyakova Natalia Nikolaevna
Head of the Department of Tourism and socio-cultural service. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Department of "Tourism and socio-cultural service" was established at the Department of "Education and Social Work," which was founded in March 1997 from 1 November 2006 renamed the Department of "Tourism and socio-cultural service."

The first issue of tourism specialists specialty 100201.65 - "Tourism" was held in June 2009, graduates in service and tourism began in 2000

Currently, the department trains bachelors in directions 100400 "Tourism" and 101100 "Hospitality" masters in 100400 "Tourism", and continues to conduct training on a specialty 100103 "Socio-cultural service and tourism" (specialization "Balneology" "hotel service") and direction 100200 "Tourism".

The faculty of the department published more than 300 textbooks and manuals, including manual, published in the leading publishing houses and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation or a teaching union university education in the field of tourism and service.

The department has modern equipment, allowing to conduct training at a high level. In the structure of the department has the following specialized audience:

- 308 a - computer class (capacity 10 jobs)
- 405 - multimedia class tourism and recreational geography
- 504 - multimedia class hospitality
- 405 and - teaching and methodical study, which collected the specialized literature on tourism and educational tools of the teaching staff of the department.

For the organization of hiking and water trips on the department has specialized equipment (catamarans, rafts), equipment for active tourism (tents, sleeping bags, mats, harnesses, carabiners, boilers, etc.)

The importance of the training of specialists has educational activities: conducting student exhibitions, outreach workshops, Russian Student Olympiad "tourist Mecca". Preparation and implementation of such events is an important part of the educational process that fosters team spirit, creativity and activates the creativity of students.

Since 2004, on the basis of the exhibition center SUSU Chair holds annual student exhibition "Tourism Region" by the students of tourism professions. The exhibition presents the best student work completed under externship. This is a program of tourist services, multimedia presentations and videos, posters, leaflets and booklets on the proposed routes of the students and engineering works of students.

Much attention is paid to the mass of student activities at different levels: the All-Russian student competition in the service professions, a holiday specialty, student exhibitions and outreach workshops

Thanks to the organizational skills of teachers of the department and on the initiative of the department from 2003 to 2011 annually conducted National Student Competition "tourist Mecca". Locations are selected in the WZO most scenic areas and historical places - in national parks, historical and archaeological museums in mountain river valleys.

Typically, the program of the national student competition included various competitions: an obstacle course, a controlling tourist route, computer testing, and creative competitions, reflecting the specific tourist specialties.

Students enrolled in the South Ural State University in directions 100400 "Tourism" and 101100 "Hospitality" take an active part in the organization of conferences held by the Department. In the course of participation in conferences students acquire communication skills with peers and senior students of service specialties, acquire the ability to communicate with students of Russian universities attending to the special service areas, open creativity by participating in the competition.

Offsite interactive sessions are held at the Department each semester and are focused on visiting the administrative territories of the Ural Federal District (Chelyabinsk region, Sverdlovsk region, Tyumen Region), and the Republic of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, Perm Krai. The purpose of student participation in interactive activities determined by the framework of the educational process and includes the study of tourist resources of the area, the tourist infrastructure and major excursions in the region.