050100.62 Pedagogical education (Bachelors) 050100.68 Pedagogical education (Masters)

Qualifications: Bachelor

Duration of training: 4 years (full-time study), 5 years (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Russian language, social science, general physical preparation (GPP)


  • Education in the field of physical culture
  • Social and pedagogical work in children's educational institutions

Qualification: M.Ed.
Duration of training: 2 years (full-time study), 2 years and 5 months (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Exam Master


Graduate Department: Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sport



  • Pedagogical and psycho-physical adjustment of persons with disabilities in the state of health

Qualification: M.Ed.
Duration of training: 2 years (full-time study), 2 years and 5 months (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Exam Master

Graduate Department: Department of adaptive physical education and biomedical training

Pedagogical education (Bachelors)

The implementation of the educational program is highly qualified: 3 doctors of sciences, 8 PhDs, 5 professors, Honored Worker of Science, Honored coach of Russia.

The goal of this educational program is to prepare highly competitive training for the educational, cultural, educational and social services. Graduates of the department are working in different regions of Russia in educational institutions : youth sports schools , health and fitness clubs , health fitness and wellness centers , Olympic training centers , social rehabilitation centers , and other third-party organizations with the necessary personnel and research potential You can create your own business.

The program provides for the passage of the three types of practices (academic, industrial, pre-graduation). While studying at the university, students have the opportunity to practice on the basis of passage OSU UTSOP judo, athletics, orienteering, weightlifting, hockey, Chelyabinsk Region, sports clubs SUSU, training complex SUSU, GOU SPO (colleges) "Chelyabinsk College of trade and crafts," in secondary schools and high schools of the city and the area of social and rehabilitation centers.

The students acquire knowledge in the humanities, social and economic disciplines (foreign language , economics, social foundations of the state , history, philosophy , law ), mathematical and natural sciences cycle (information technology , mathematical foundations of information processing , natural- scientific picture world , mathematics , computer science, hardware and software implementation of information processes); professional disciplines ( life safety , education and psychology, training and education , basic medical knowledge and a healthy lifestyle , economics of education, educational technology , educational valueology , methodical basics of learning healthy lifestyles , health-saving technologies in education , sociology of education , education, psychology of physical training , theory and technique of physical training , sports metrology, biomechanics of physical activity , age-appropriate physical education , basic scientific and methodological activities , basic teaching skills and the development of professional competence , tools and systems for treatment of children and adolescents , a workshop on the solution of professional problems , physical education in educational institutions , family pedagogy , modern means of evaluating learning outcomes ) .

The Department conducts annual scientific conferences and exhibitions of student work.t conducts annual scientific conferences and exhibitions of student work.

The department is working with the International Academy «Total Welnes» (integral health), Israel. The effectiveness of technology grounded in research in the center of the "operational assessment of the human condition." Created on the basis of a joint center becomes a testing ground for the study of the human body's reserves, its fitness and ability to implement professional activities. Actively take part in the research students in the department.

The faculty of the department published more than 300 textbooks and manuals, including manual, published in the leading publishing houses and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation or a teaching union university education in physical education and sport.

Pedagogical education "Masters"

The aim of the program is the development of students' personality traits and the formation of culture in general (general science, social, personal and instrumental) and professional competence in the field of training 050100 "Education in the field of physical culture." In the formation of the purposes of the master's program takes into account its specific features aimed at training graduates in teaching, management, design and methodological activities in the field of teacher education.

In the area of ​​training to master the basic educational program are:

• organization of training and education in the field of education with the use of technologies appropriate to the age peculiarities of high school students , boys and girls , and reflect the specific subject area;

• analysis, systematization and generalization of the results of scientific research in the field of education through the use of complex research methods to solve specific research problems ;

• design, organization , implementation and evaluation of the results of scientific research in the field of education with the use of modern methods of science, and information and technology innovation ;

• Research , design , organization, implementation and evaluation of the management process using innovative management techniques that meet the general and specific laws of the control system ;

• design of educational programs and individual educational routes;

• use of available educational opportunities and social environment and the design of new media , including information , to ensure the development of the methodological support of teachers ;

• studying the formation and cultural needs and the cultural and educational level of the different groups of the population , the development strategy for education ;

• Creation of educational programs and their implementation in order to promote scientific knowledge and cultural traditions;

Competitive advantages of the program

Graduates acquire skills in analysis, forecasting, planning, organization in the field of education.

In accordance with state standards obligatory section of the program is the master section "Practice and research work" - the kind of studies that are directly targeted at professional and practical training of students. Implementation of this master's program provides for the following types of practices and research:

  • scientific research;
  • manufacturing;
  • research and production work.