Меню. Физическая культура

034300.62 Physical education (Bachelors) 034300.68 Physical Education (Master)

Qualifications: Bachelor

Duration of training: 4 years (full-time study), 5 years (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Biology, Russian language, general physical preparation


  • Medical and biological support and supervision in the sphere of sports
  • Medical and biological support and control of motor activity
  • Physical Culture

Qualifications: Master's degree
Duration of training: 5 years
Entrance exams: Biology, Russian language, general physical preparation


Graduate Department: Department of sports perfection

Physical Culture. bachelors

Bachelor of training 034,300 "Physical Culture " is preparing for the following types of professional activity: education , coaching , recreation , organizational, managerial, research , culture and education .

The area of professional activity includes : education in physical education , sport, recreation and motor rehabilitation, health promotion , services, tourism , scope management , research and development works , performance art .

Professional Bachelor of Physical Education activities aimed at creating a comprehensive and harmonious development of the individual by means of physical culture , sports training and recreational gymnastics. This area of ​​training is carried out by highly qualified specialists in the South Ural State University , more than 70 % of whom have advanced degrees and titles, as well as the well-deserved and honors in the field of physical culture, sport and education.

Bachelor of Physical Education - is a highly qualified , successful, cheerful , confident in the future people.

Physical Culture. Masters

Occupational field masters in "Physical Culture" includes:
physical education, sport, recreation and motor rehabilitation, promotion of healthy lifestyles, services, tourism, scope management, research and survey works, performance art.

The objects of professional master's degrees are:

  • persons involved in the activities in the field of physical culture and sports and potential consumers of fitness and sporting services;
  • processes of formation of philosophical , motivational and value orientations and attitudes to maintain and improve health, healthy lifestyle , mental and physical optimization of the human condition , the development of their various motor skills and related knowledge , the development of motor skills and high efficiency;
  • educational methods and regulatory documentation.