Code: 100100.62


  • "Service of household appliances" (full-time and part-time students)
  • "Service in the Fashion Industry" (full-time and part-time students)
  • "Service in the industry of beauty" (correspondence courses)

Qualifications: Bachelor
Duration of training: 4 years (full-time study), 5 years (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Mathematics, Russian, Social
Graduate Department: Department of the Service and the Art of Materials Processing Technology


7 Reasons to go:

  1. Already in 2007, the share of employment in the service sector in the economy of Russia was 68.7 % - easier for you to find a job.
  2. Man today is primarily selects high-quality service , not just a product or service - you learn to organize this service.
  3. There are no bad patients , there are bad sellers - you'll learn how to successfully work with any customers .
  4. Spend a lot of time on the Internet - you will learn how to use IT- technology to improve the quality of customer service.
  5. Your employee has not made ​​out the work - you can find the cause and fix it.
  6. You do not want to work for "foreign uncle " - you will be able to organize their business to serve and work for themselves.
  7. Want to be successful ? Proceed to us !

This program is one of nine programs of the South Ural State University, who in 2012 were among the best educational programs of innovative Russia on the results of the "Best Software Innovation Russia", organized by the magazine "Accreditation in Education," National Center of Public accreditation (Natsakkredtsentr) and the Guild of experts vocational education.

The training program includes four blocks of disciplines that form the core of modern professional skills in the area of ​​service:

  1. Psychological discipline, giving competent communication skills and customer .
  2. Management disciplines that form the ability to organize the work of serving customers.
  3. Technological disciplines , giving the basic knowledge and skills in the chosen direction of sphere of service - device and service of home appliances , hair salons and beauty services, or modeling and designing clothes.
  4. IT- discipline to ensure understanding of the place of modern information technologies in the field of service and giving them the experience of practical application .

Going through the practice of the enterprises of sphere of service , students reinforce skills learned during the course , and have the opportunity to meet with the organization of customer service . So, many students of service of home appliances , their practice in the showrooms and service centers of the company " Rembyttekhnika" ( federal network of home appliances and electronics "Expert") - one of the largest players in the market of home appliances and the Chelyabinsk region of the Urals region .

Graduation projects of our graduates over the last three years, took first place in the All-Russia competition of degree projects in " Service".