In today's complex world, there is a great opportunity to improve their competitiveness in the labor market - this additional education. The man who owns several professions , quickly finds a job , not only because the wider the range of the search , but also because in the process of gaining knowledge on additional occupations expanding its horizons, it is possible to use the knowledge gained in this training and main profession . This is particularly evident in cases where the representatives of the professions concerned primarily with logical thinking , accurate, " mechanical " science , develop a imaginative, associative thinking .

Center for Continuing Education Institute of Sport , Tourism and Service allows you to extend the range of their knowledge and skills not only to students of the University, but also for everyone, offering its students a variety of vocational training programs and additional professional education ( training ) .


Continuing Education Center Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service is located at ul. Rojdestvenskogo 5, 400 in the audience.
Phone: (351) 233-35-89