Code: 261400.62


  • "Technology artistic treatment of non-traditional materials" (full-time and part-time students)

Qualifications: Bachelor
Duration of training: 4 years (full-time study), 5 years (correspondence courses)
Entrance exams: Mathematics, Russian, drawing (still life)
Graduate Department: Department of the Service and the Art of Materials Processing Technology

7 Reasons to go:

  1. Modern designer - not only paints a picture , he understands how to make what he painted .
  2. Anyone can learn to draw - you learn not only to draw, you will be able to design and produce art works .
  3. Many designers - educated professionals in the graphic design and printing is much less.
  4. Each year, an increasing number of housing under construction - you'll be engaged in its interior.
  5. Do you like working with fabric - you can create a complete image using a variety of technologies .
  6. You do not want to work for "foreign uncle " - you will be able to organize their business and work for themselves.
  7. You - a creative person? Proceed to us !

This program combines the skills of modern graphic designer and the ability to work with different materials. At the end of the training the student performs qualifying work, which includes not only the creation of architectural products, but also its independent production (the embodiment of the fabric)

The training program includes four blocks of disciplines:

  1. Artistic disciplines giving skills in the field of visual and applied arts (drawing, painting and chromatics , composition, design , sculpture, sculpture, art history , art painting materials)
  2. IT- disciplines that form the ability to work with modern graphics programs ( vector and bitmap editors , desktop publishing , 3D- editors ) - an integral part of the skills of the modern designer
  3. Technological disciplines , giving knowledge and skills in two directions - Interior ( home decoration technology , manufacturing technology decorative items , art glass and wood ) and textiles (designing products from fabric , knitwear and artistic embroidery , batik and voylokovalyanie )
  4. Technical disciplines to ensure understanding of the properties of various advanced materials, processing methods and equipment to carry out such treatment (art materials science, covering materials , processing technology of materials).

The work of our students win prizes at the All-Russia competitions, participate in regional and regional exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Russia, exhibited at the Chelyabinsk regional museum . These works can be found in the interiors of the South Ural State University , among them university complex "Sigma", the selection committee of the South Ural State University , Faculty of housing services and tourism .

Collections are created by our students also participate in various competitions (" Dress of the city ", " Gold Line " and others). In 2009, a collection of "Ural multifaceted " Catherine Tikhonovoj and Valentina Cherepavona won first prize at the International Competition of Young Designers "Gold Line", first place in the Moscow stage of the International Competition " Couturier of the Year" and second place in the final of the International Competition " Couturier of the Year", and in the 2013 collection " a Place in the sun" by Tatiana Dymkova also took first place in the Moscow stage of the International Competition " Couturier of the year."